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Pastor's Corner

Harbor Happenings

What's been happening at Harbor?

Read here about recent events, community updates and more.

Community Moments

Advent Angel

Elder Emeritus Rhoda Watson on Christmas morning, dressed like the angel she is!

On Christmas morning we all gathered for Sunday service, and since it was Christmas morning, we decided to wear our pajamas and eat donuts!

Imagine our delighted surprise, when we saw this beautiful angel float in on a cloud!

We love you Rhoda!

And your spirit gives us life.


Campus Updates


Dreaming of the Contemplative Corner

We decided to honor Thomas and Elaine Quick during our Advent Festival last year. In honor of these two generous saints of the church, we will be slowly transforming the space behind our stage into The Quick Contemplative Corner. Here is a photo to start us dreaming! Thank you Maks, for your work on these beautiful drawings. If you would like to be part of this transformation, let us know.
Click through the two renderings using the side arrow below.


Ministry Updates


Children and Youth

2023 Loch Leven Winter Camp

Harbor youth, staff and community members attended Loch Leven's Winter Camp for a three-day retreat into nature, spirituality and community.

Campers explored their faith through the weekend's theme, Faith Forward through worship, small group time, nature walks, music, and games. The weekend was filled with thoughtful reflection, planned activities, and general fun. Despite the rainy weather, it was an impactful weekend for all.

Big thanks to our community volunteers who gave their time, talents and thoughts to this weekend!

Harbor Attendees Included:


Pastor Sadie and Pastor Ryan were chosen as directors for the middle school camp.

Volunteer Camp Counselors

Music Minister Lauren, Pastor Janette Navarette, and community members Stanley Ackelson, Nicholas Brown and Sofia Chavez.

Campers - High School (CYF) and Middle School (Chi Rho) Camps

Indigo and Willow Cullumber, Dylan and Will Lauzon, Nick and Gabriella Earnhart and Shelby Kliewer.

Please enjoy some reflections from our campers by clicking the ( >) arrows next to each name along with photos from the weekend below.

Indigo Cullumber's Thoughts

Shelby Kliewer's Thoughts

Gabriella Earnhart's Thoughts

Nicholas Earnhart's Thoughts

Use the arrow ( >) on the sides of the photos to scroll through the gallery.


Music Ministry

Disciples PSWR Regional Event - MLK Jr. Celebration Choir

Harbor's MLK Choir Participants (from left to right) Shelby Kliewer, Indigo Cullumber, Jack Golden, Sandra Golden, Lauren Graham and Nicholas Brown

It's been two-years since our Music Ministry team and members have been able to participate in LIVE regional events. The relationships and experiences with other churches through music had been sorely missed. How excited we all were to be invited to participate in this year's PSWR MLK Celebration service held at First Christian Church of Fullerton. And even more so to have some of our youth join in as well!

Music direction for the MLK Choir was entrusted to Dr. Jonli Tunstall from Abundant Life Christian Church. Some of our community may remember Dr. Tunstall from our pre-pandemic 5th Sunday Sings when Harbor hosted.

Community member and former Technical Director Tyler Deans served as Co-Chair for the MLK Planning Committee. Congratulations to the committee for organizing such a meaningful event.

If you were unable to attend the live or virtual event you can view here below:


Staff Updates


Maks Miner - Children and Youth Associate

Hello Harbor!

These past few months have been very busy for me, but I’m grateful everything has started to slow down recently. I’ve been spending more time outside, especially at the beach. There is something very healing about the water, and getting to spend time there with people I care about has been so nice.

My work at Harbor has been so rewarding, as well as just plain fun! The children and youth are an incredible group. I am constantly amazed by their insight and empathy, and their unique personalities that make children’s church so colorful! Getting to be a part of their journey is such an honor.

I’m very excited for the Lenten season. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our theme ’seeking’. It was a search for something different that led me to Harbor. I am thankful to have found a space that can hold my questions and difficulties without judgment. I am looking forward to focusing on the things my heart is calling me to search for.

Heron in the harbor from Maks Miner


Eric Whitesell - Technical Associate

Hello Harbor,

I'm finally in my penultimate semester of college! By the end of Fall of 2023, I will have my BFA in Illustration from Cal State Fullerton. After that, I'll be looking to work for a nearby video game studio as a concept artist. It's been a long journey, but I'm very excited to finally be completing my schooling. Here's some of what I've made recently!

Take a look at examples from Eric's artist portfolio below.


Macy Whitesell - Music Accompanist

Hi Harbor,

I've been taking a lot of walks this winter and getting to know my area. There is a trail near my house that has a beautiful view and lots of interesting plants (also, bunnies). Recently I've been enjoying taking pictures as well, and included two from my neighborhood walks!

Besides walking, I've been spending most of my time teaching or with my family. Though work, rehearsals, and concerts are ramping up, I'm looking forward to the coming of spring!

Photos from Macy's walks below.


Justin Wright - Technical Director

A Season of Seeking

This Lenten season I am seeking stillness in my life. Finding new ways to root myself in Spirit. Life has been getting busier this year and the world seems to be increasing its pace. I have found lately the small moments of my day to day have been the moments full of the most peace and clarity. Finding ways to be at rest, and quiet, and hopefully more receptive to the peace and grace that often seems to hide itself from me until I begin to seek it out. When I seek something, I notice right away a sense of clarity. It narrows my focus and in doing so it becomes like a flashlight, illuminating more and more areas of stillness throughout my day that had previously gone unnoticed or ignored.

I do not think we can be good stewards of our earth if we cannot find the time to stop and take notice of what is going on around us. To be fully present with a friend or loved one entails some level of stillness. It provides us an internal space of receptiveness to those around us, to our own needs, and where we are being directed by Spirit. It's so easy to miss when I am caught up in the story of my own life, swept along with the bustle of our culture. But that is where I feel myself being called to this season. To pay more attention to the deep and quiet moments of my day to day and to be more receptive to Spirit.

Justin and Pat jammin' out one Sunday morning

Janette J. Navarrete - Associate Pastor

Ok church, it finally happened! After 9 years together and 3.5 years of planning, Joe and I celebrated our wedding at midnight on 1-1-23! (Peep the name change above!) It was such a special evening and we are full of gratitude to spend time with some of our friends and family.

We also want to thank each of you for being a part of celebrating with us at the dinner we hosted in December! My life would not be the same without each of you and I love knowing you have all been holding us in prayer during this time!

Below is a picture of us from our Wedding and one with

the children at our Harbor dinner!


Lauren Graham - Praise and Worship Minister

This past fall, I went through a few major life changes - I transitioned to a new position and department within my current company to a position that is much better suited for my life and needs at the moment. I moved - again - but this time just around the corner to another more improved living situation. And so in the midst of all this change and transition, who wouldn't say "yes" spontaneously at a work lunch to adopting a kitten from a litter your co-worker is taking care of?

Yes, this past October, I adopted a little tuxedo kitten as a companion for Sheba, now just shy of 4-years old. Many of you know Sheba and how we found each other through Harbor. Over the last few years, I have noticed that with my life in such flux and me being so busy, that Sheba gets lonely. This started to reflect in her overall health through weight gain and odd-acute illnesses. I had been thinking about getting a second cat but always, "when my life is less crazy!" Spirit had other plans. When I saw this kitten in a photo of many adorable faces - I just had an overwhelming feeling that he was meant for our home.

For anyone who is familiar with cats, many of you may know how difficult it is to introduce two unfamiliar cats to each other. I was so worried on that first night that they would have a bad interaction that would set the tone for the whole relationship. But, within the first night, Miss Sheba allowed little Zoltar to sleep on the same bed with her with zero hissing ....... as long as he didn't move :). For those who know, that was a major success! Today, they have a classic older sister, little brother sibling relationship.

You'll be able to meet him at next year's Blessing of the Animals but for now here are some fun facts:


​ July 17, 2022





Favorite Food

Churu Treats

Favorite Toy

Sheba's Tail

Name Meaning

Greek meaning, "Life"

Thank you for reading!

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