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Pastor's Corner

Ministry Team Spotlight

Buildings and Grounds Ministry Team

Volunteers Needed for upcoming Work Days!

We have had a lot of changes on our campus this last year, especially with the preschool construction and opening. This year, we are interested in doing a few small and needed projects on our campus including some minor work in the following areas:

Campus Area

General Planned Activites

​Searcey Hall

​ Painting, Cleaning, Sewing, Organizing

The Quick Contemplative Corner

​Choosing and Prepare Art Selections



If you are interested in supporting any of these projects, we invite you to sign up to receive information about our Building and Grounds team meetings. We also hope that you will join us for the already scheduled work day to get our baptismal beautiful so that it is ready for some baptisms this season!


Work Day Dates


Baptismal Spruce Up

Saturday, March 25 @ 10 am

Help us get our baptismal cleaned up and ready for the Easter season!!! Join our Building and grounds team on Saturday, March 25 @ 10 am.



The Quick Contemplative Corner

Saturday, March 25 @ 10 am

Are you interested in helping us select art for The Quick Contemplative Corner? We would love your input! Join us on Saturday, March 25 @ 10 am to help us choose art from the beautiful selection that Patti Klein of Temple Isaiah donated this year! We need to give the art pieces a little love before we prepare to mount them on our sanctuary walls.



Searcey Hall

Dates and Times TBD

(dependent on volunteer interest)

Searcey Hall is such an incredible space, but it’s been a long time since we have shown it the love it deserves. Are you up for helping us paint, clean, and sew curtains?


Thank you for reading!

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