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Pastor's Corner

Harbor Communities

What's been happening with our partners?



We are so thrilled to announce that beginning on March 5, Sallims Christian Church will begin gathering for their Korean language worship at 10 am on Sundays in Searcey Hall. We will also be welcoming the children from Sallims to our Children’s Church experience on Sunday mornings. Another exciting thing to look forward to is the opportunity to gather more regularly for fellowship time following worship. This new arrangement of gathering times is going to be an amazing blessing for all of us.

Sallims Christian Church has been gathering online throughout the pandemic and they are able to accommodate their geographically diverse community in this way.
Sallims Members also have gathered regularly to enjoy food and fellowship.

This year, Harbor Christian Church partnered with Sallims Christian Church to host the Korean Convocation for our General Church. It was a wonderful week of fellowship, learning, fun, and amazing food! We are so grateful to have been asked to host this important event and we look forward to supporting the Korean Convocation in the future.

Below is a photo of Pastor Sadie welcoming the Korean pastors from across our country.

She shared the story of being welcomed into a home in Wando, South Korea for a lotus tea ceremony. This tea ceremony was a moment in Pastor Sadie’s life when she felt overwhelmed by generosity and hospitality. She shared that it was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire trip, and that she hoped so much that all of the Korean pastors who were visiting our campus would feel that degree of welcome at Harbor.

In this photo you can see a carefully prepared lotus flower, ready to have hot water poured over the top. As the water pours over the flower, its petals begin to open. It is stunning to watch.

In this photo, we see Pastor Sadie welcoming the Korean Convocation to Harbor.



2022 OC Architects for Justice Dinner hosted at Harbor Christian Church

Here are some photos from last May when we were privileged to host CLUE’s annual Architects of Justice event at Harbor. Remember when we got to listen to Rev. James Lawson (a giant of the Civil Rights Movement) speak from our own stage???

Our CLUE partners enjoyed our space so much that they are coming back! This year they will be hosting Architects of Justice Awards Celebration on March 16th. If you are interested in sitting at Harbor’s table at the event, let us know right away and we will reserve you a seat. Tickets cost $100 each. We appreciate your generosity, however, if you would like to attend and need a scholarship, please let us know by emailing Harbor's Office.

If you are in a position to purchase your tickets to this event, please use the link below.

If you are in need of a scholarship to attend please use the button below


Rev. YaNi Davis and the Peace People

Check out Rev. YaNi’s newsletter to see all she is up to!

If you would like to learn about upcoming events, classes, and opportunities, you can also sign up for her newsletter. Please also take the time to watch the videos of some of the powerful livestreams Rev. YaNi and the whole team offered last year. So much creativity, so much brilliance!!! Aren’t we lucky to get to support Rev. YaNi and all this good work?

Another exciting offering that will be coming up is American Sign Language classes. Some of you were able to participate in the American Sign Language classes that were offered through My SupaNatural Life last year, and it was a wonderful experience. We hope more of you can join this year.

If you feel moved to donate to Rev. YaNi’s work, you will be able to give directly through the link below. Keep Rev. YaNi in prayer as she continues to travel and bring the good news to diverse communities around the country and world. Pray for her wellness, her rest, her health, the three kidneys that sustain her, her blessed donor, and also pray for the people she reaches in her desire to BE PEACE everywhere she goes.


It’s A Smile World–Caroline Smile

Sing with a Smile! Caroline Smile of It's A Smile World will be offering Baby and Toddler Music Classes on our campus soon! Classes stimulate and spark imagination through music for our little rockers. Featuring classic children’s songs, rhymes, dancing and Disney and Rock-n-Roll favorites, the Winter Session begins February 27th and will be offered Mondays and Thursdays in our Children's sanctuary and outside on the lawn weather permitting. Learn more about Caroline Smile, and Yes! That's her real name. Follow her on Instagram @itsasmile_world

HCC members and friends receive a special discount at checkout-use code HCCWINTER23


Covering Grounds

Hello Harbor Christian Church!

I’m Matt. My wife Anne and I are the owners of Covering Grounds, your friendly neighborhood coffee shop with the capacity to cover a lot of ground!

We take our coffee seriously; selecting high-quality, sustainably produced, and responsibly sourced beans. We strive to maintain a low environmental impact through repurposing waste and equipment, utilizing green products, and working to offset our non-renewable energy usage. We appreciate that peoples’ coffee needs are as unique as they are, so we prepare each cup with care and attention to detail. We intend to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience with every visit, no matter the grounds.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to share our coffee with you & your neighbors and look forward to getting to know ya!

P.S. If you would like to sample Covering Grounds coffee, please join us for worship on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Blessing of the Bikes! Covering Grounds will be joining us for these events if all goes well with the renovation of the coffee truck.



It has been almost a year since Montessori Way Learning Center opened their doors to their first students. It has been such a joy to watch the class grow from just a couple children to 25 students! While they still have room to grow, we are so thrilled to see so many children and families finding safe space on our campus.

This year, Harbor gave the children of the preschool Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's gift bags. And we also were delighted to welcome our preschool owners and their lovely families to our Advent celebration. They even decorated a table with a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer theme. It has been a wonderful first year, and we look forward to many, many more years of friendship and partnership.


Temple Isaiah

Harbor enjoyed so many fun events with Temple Isaiah this year. More recently, Harbor was invited to Temple Isaiah's Chanukah celebration. It was a beautiful evening filled with worship, candles, music, ritual, and amazing food. Rabbi Eric Dangott delivered a beautiful and thought provoking sermon, led the community in prayer, all while holding his precious young son! What an amazing thing to watch him lead his community while fathering brilliantly! We also always enjoy listening to Temple Isaiah's Cantorial Soloist, Jason Feddy lead music. If you haven't heard Jason sing, you really ought to find him on Facebook. He has a beautiful voice and writes many of his own songs!

It has been such a delight to meet Rabbi Eric, his wife, Kati Fallon-Dangott and their young son, Schneur Fallon-Dangott at several events. Their arrival and Temple Isaiah has been a blessing not only for Temple Isaiah, but for all of us. We hope you'll join Temple Isaiah for one of their monthly Shabbat gatherings. These gatherings happen the first Friday of each month at 6:30 pm. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining Temple Isaiah, please click the button below to send and email.

Last holiday season we were blessed to have Patti Klein of Temple Isaiah join us for Hot Chocolate Chats and Christmas morning pajama worship! She even brought us amazing Sufganiyot pastries, which are like oh so amazing jelly filled, powdered sugar covered heavenly donuts! They did not last very long!

This year, we also were fortunate to support Temple Isaiah in hosting High Holy Days in collaboration with the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County. It was a beautiful time for all and we look forward to many more future collaborations. View photos from this event below.

We are incredibly grateful to Patti Klein and all of our friends at Temple Isaiah. This year Patti was especially generous in her donation of beautiful religious and secular art. We will be displaying some of this art in the soon to be Quick Contemplative Corner, but we also plan to co-host an art show with Temple Isaiah sometime this year. We hope you'll join us for this special event! Details to come.

To get in touch with Temple Isaiah please use the button below


Magic Camp

We'd like to welcome EPIC Magic Camp to Harbor Christian Church once again!

EPIC Magic Camp is Southern California’s Premier Kids Magic Camp. Each day is jam-packed with team-building games, wild activities and of course MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC! EPIC is a FULL DAY Magic Camp running an ENTIRE WEEK (Mon-Fri). Each child will be thrilled with their very own Discover Magic kit, camp shirt & so much more! We even have an epic water fun day with a foam party. Strictly recommended for ages 7-13. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN! To register, go to:

If you know a young person who loves magic and mystery, this camp is for them!!!

Internship opportunities available for teens 15+ years.


Strawberry Farm Stand

Are you looking forward to fresh strawberries from Thackerberry Farms? The stand at Harbor Christian Church is opening soon!!! You can see the cart in our lot already, and they will be open for business any day now! Please come out and support this local farm that has some really amazing berries!

Here's a picture of a few of us enjoying berries last year in front of the stand. We are really looking forward to those berries this year!


Thank you for reading our Lenten Newsletter!

If you are following the recommended reading order, this is the last article. If you would like to read more about Harbor, please feel free to explore other posts on our main Blog page.



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