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Pastor's Corner

Temple Isaiah - A Look Back

After 48 years of sharing space at Harbor, Temple Isaiah officially closed its doors in December 2023.

From Temple Isaiah President Patti Klein

Temple Isaiah was born out of the grief of two people who had already survived the Valley of Death of the Holocaust, the challenge of leaving their homeland, and the journey to a place of promise of freedom and opportunity. Felix and Flory Van Beek lost their sixteen-year-old son, Ralph, to cancer and channeled their grief into establishing a place of worship where they could promote community, live the survival of

the Jewish people, and celebrate life.

From the beginning, the partnership between Temple Isaiah and Harbor Christian Church has symbolized the love that Felix and Flory and the entire congregation of Temple Isaiah has felt toward the Christian community that has been willing to shelter and accept them. The Van Beeks were able to emerge from the horrors of WWII only because of two Christian families who were willing to risk their lives to hide the

Jewish couple from the Nazis. Fifty years later, the people of Temple Isaiah are grateful to their Harbor Christian family for their willingness to truly be a Harbor of safety. Harbor Christian has felt like home, and the spirit of the Van Beek Family has been ever-present for the people of Temple Isaiah. 

Even though Temple Isaiah is no longer a constant Friday night presence at Harbor Christian, the spirit of unity between the two congregations will live on. There are no words to describe the depth of love and gratitude that every member of Temple Isaiah feels for the people of Harbor Christian.

Over the years, Temple Isaiah and Harbor Christian have shown their love for each other in tangible ways - the gift of the Eternal Light from Harbor Christian to Temple Isaiah that remains a permanent fixture in the sanctuary, and the Pergola gifted to Harbor Christian from Temple Isaiah for a place to gather for worship, friendship and community. If approved, Temple Isaiah looks forward to gifting a Tree of Life memorial wall to Harbor Christian as a way to permanently link our congregations through the generations of loved ones that built our communities and a witness for generations to come.

The congregants of Temple Isaiah, while no longer meeting for in-person services, stay in touch via zoom. President, Patti Klein, makes frequent visits to the homes of congregants and the spiritual leadership of Rav. Eric and Cantor Jason Feddy remains steady. Though the number of remaining congregants is small, they are mighty, and dedicated to always being a support to Harbor Christian when needed, and an ever-continuing prayer partner for the people of Harbor Christian.


Because of the boxes of documents buried at the homes of the two Christian families that hid Felix and Flory, the Van Beeks were able to donate the largest pre-war collection of photographs and documents to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum that has ever been received.

To learn more about Felix and Flory Van Beek:

Flory’s book:

  • FLORY - Survival in the Valley of Death, Holocaust 1940-1945

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Felix and Flory Van Beek Collection

  • Hoag Hospital Foundation - “Challenged but Undefeated”

To contact Patti Klein -


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