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Pastor's Corner

Harbor Happenings - 2024 Lent

Read what we have planned for the remainder of the 2024 Lenten Season

| A Sanctified Art LLC |

The excerpt below is from A Sanctified Art's introduction to the series we will be studying through Lent.

About the Series

This Lent, we are focusing on the life and faith of one of Jesus’ most famous disciples. In Peter, we see a person who is both steadfast and unsteady, a dear friend and a betrayer, a follower and a wanderer. In Peter, we often see ourselves. By following Peter’s journey, we watch the story of Jesus unfold through the eyes of a very normal human trying to figure it all out—just like us.

As we were studying Peter’s faith journey, the lyrics of “Come Thou Fount” came to mind. It’s as if Peter himself wrote this song. And so, for each step in Peter’s journey, we have selected a phrase from this hymn. As we follow Peter’s story, we will sing our way through Lent, binding our wandering hearts to God.

In this series, we want to affirm that faith is a constant journey of steadfast pursuit, one that ebbs and flows. We want to affirm that wandering is exploration, not necessarily distance from God. We want to affirm the ways Peter keeps going: he drops his nets, he walks on water, he runs to the empty tomb, he swims to the shore to meet the risen Christ. He keeps searching and yearning and loving, even after missteps or mistakes. Ultimately, in Peter’s story, we are reminded that God loves imperfect people—in fact, time and again, that’s precisely who God claims and calls.

This Lent, we will look for ourselves in the stepping stones of Peter’s story. We will reflect on the stages of our own faith journeys as well as who and what has shaped us along the way. As we wander, let us tune our hearts to sing God’s grace. May we rest in streams of mercy, never ceasing.

Guide developed by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |

At Harbor

We will be using this study through our weekly meetings, starting with our Sunday Gatherings and diving deeper through our more focused Bible Study, Men's and Women's Groups. Be sure to pick up a study devotional available in the sanctuary to use during the Lenten season.

To further expand the ways in which we connect with this material, a Spotify Playlist has been specially created with themed song choices by A Sanctified Art to take with you in your daily life. Click the link below to enjoy.

Wandering Heart Spotify Playlist


Harbor's Lent & Spring Events


Spring Brunch

Join us Sunday, March 24th for a seasonal Spring Brunch on the front lawn following Sunday Gathering. Sign up to bring something to the Potluck or volunteer for set up using the following link:

Maundy Thursday Service

We hope you can join us for a unique Maundy Thursday experience. Our creative worship this year will include opportunities to work with our Children Worship and Wonder stories, spend time with the Lenten art we have been experiencing, and participate in a foot-washing ceremony.

We look forward to seeing you for this meaningful gathering where we will remember the night that Jesus gathered in the upper room with his dear friends. The night that he broke the bread and said, "This is for you, take eat, all of you."

Spring Baptisms

Harbor is blessed to offer two baptism dates this Spring! Join us on Easter Sunday (March 31) and April 28 to celebrate the sacrament of baptism. If you would like to speak with a pastor about baptism, please reach out to Pastor Sadie at

Spring Safety Training

Please join us for part two of our safety conversations. Last year we hosted a CPR & First Aid training led by University Training Center.

For part two, we will cover: the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits, how to use our new AED machine, how to be prepared to administer Narcan***.

***Narcan is a life-saving medication used to reverse an opioid overdose, including fentanyl and prescription drug medications.

Blessing of the Bikes

Please join us for our annual Blessing of the Bikes on April 21 after church.  Bring your bike, scooter, wheelchair, roller skates, motorcycle, electric bike or whatever you use to get around to our Earth day celebration. 

When we bless our bikes, we acknowledge an impact we have on God’s creation.  Using other forms of transportation besides a car is a way of honoring that covenant. 

OC Marathon Youth Outreach

Join the Youth and Outreach teams early on Sunday May 5th at our encouragement booth! We will have live music, Biofreeze spray for runners needing some relief, and watermelon and orange wedges for hydration! Please see Pastor Janette if you’d like to sponsor any of the items or sign up to volunteer that morning.


Ministry Moment


Praise Team is giving a massive shout out to two additions to our Praise Band:

Brain Kussman on bass, who has started to play with us every Sunday.

Eric Whitesell on guitar, who would play on Sunday if he didn't have twenty other things he is taking care of. This is just one more thing to add to his ever growing skill set!

Both Brian and Eric had their first public instrumental performance at our Advent Festival. We are so blessed with such a talented community!


Community Call


We have many performances coming up that feature members of our community. Please reach out to the following people for more information on each performance.

  • High School Musical - Heather Earnhart

  • UCI Choir Concert - Nan Collett or Seton Fogel

  • Chicago - Sara Cooper


Thank you for reading our 2024 Lent Newsletter!

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