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Pastor's Corner

Mission Spotlight

Harbor hosted and attended CLUE's 2023 Architects of Justice Award Celebration Dinner

Harbor Community, Guests and Staff with Architects of Justice Award

At Harbor we are honored to support the work of CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice). CLUE is a remarkable community of interfaith clergy and laity and their respective religious organizations, who partner with worker justice organizations. For the last three years, Harbor has proudly supported the work of CLUE in many ways. Pastors Sadie, Ryan, and Janette have shown up regularly at events and contract negotiations with management. Ask Pastor Janette about her experience standing up to local hotel management who were dismissing the needs of loyal workers. Ask Pastor Sadie to tell you about the time she refused to leave the lobby of a local bank until they sent a manager to address the group’s concerns over the unethical nature of a specific investment. Can you see why it matters that we show up at these events? We have power as religious community members who actually care about the things that Jesus cared about–the poor, the sick, the forgotten, the unnoticed, the oppressed. It is a joy to see clergy and laity showing up as the people of God looking to ensure justice is done. And it changes the outcome, everytime.

Harbor's sanctuary was transformed into an Awards Dinner.

Another way that Harbor has faithfully supported the work of CLUE is to host their annual event, Architects of Justice in our own sanctuary! This year, on March 17, we had the opportunity to host this event again! Pastor Sadie was visibly shocked when she was called to the stage to accept an award for Harbor Christian Church for our work as architects of justice in Orange County. We had not been told that we would be honored in this way and it was such a lovely moment. We were honored again on Sunday, March 19 when Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez joined us in worship to formally present the award to our congregation. CLUE is only able to do this important work if the people of God are generous. Many thanks to those who give financially, and to those who give by fervently praying that justice rolls through the land, like a mighty river. It’s time, don’t you think?

Please enjoy viewing photos and videos from the evening below.

Chispa OC accepts their Architects of Justice Award

At the 2023 Architects of Justice dinner and program, we honored Chispa OC, who were instrumental in tipping the scales of justice and establishing Santa Ana’s Police Oversight Commission.

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital nurses and healthcare professionals accept their Architects of Justice Award

We also honored the registered nurses and healthcare professionals of Fountain Valley

Regional Hospital who bravely persisted in a months-long struggle to win wages and protections that will improve worker retention and patient care at the same time. Listen to the end of the powerful words at the end of their acceptance speech in the video below.

Our friends and partners from Temple Isaiah joined us this evening as well. Patti Klein had a seat at Harbor's table, Rabbi Marcia Tilchin was a speaker and musical performer along with Jason Feddy, Temple Isaiah's Cantor.

Please enjoy one of the moving and beautiful songs from the evening below.

Harbor's Architects of Justice Award

Harbor was surprised to receive the Architects of Justice award at the event. Pastor Sadie was so happy to accept it on behalf of the congregation and staff.

Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez joined us Sunday morning to present the award to the full congregation. Pastor Ryan and Pastor Janette received the award on behalf of the congregation and staff.


Staff Shout-Out

Harbor staff members Justin, Janette and Lauren were hired by CLUE to plan and support the evening event. We are so grateful to have such a multi-talented team that are able to support our other communities and partners. They are proud of their work for the event and we are proud of them!

Janette took charge of the event planning, sitting on weekly meetings to help coordinate between CLUE's team and event staff. She worked hands-on all week picking up chairs from multiple locations, setting up snacks and refreshments for the event teams and serving as the first call for every inevitable live event emergency. Due to her always being in multiple places at once, the photo below is a rare sighting of Janette on event days - you amaze us!

Justin oversaw all technical elements of the event including audio for all the speakers and musicians and video for CLUE's livestream which involves controlling multiple cameras plus ZOOM while monitoring that the sound we hear in the sanctuary is also what those online are hearing all at the same time (phew!).

Lauren supported during the live event on sound and with website design, ensuring the livestream was easily viewable on CLUE's webpage. It's a reminder that most of us never know what goes into an event like this and that it is always a team effort.

Great job to our amazing team!


If you would like to make a direct donation to CLUE, please click the link below.

If you are interested in joining your pastors at the next justice event, please let us know, by clicking the button below.


About CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice):

CLUE is a powerful movement of people of faith in Southern California working to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. As Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, we educate, organize, and mobilize faith leaders and community members to accompany workers in their struggle for good jobs, dignity, and justice.

To learn more about this organization please visit their website at
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