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Pastor's Corner

Ministry Spotlight - Blue Theology 2024

Get to know our Blue Theology groups and new intern for the Summer

2023 Blue Theology at the Back Bay Science Center

Harbor Christian Church is proud to announce that we will be hosting another summer of Blue Theology.  This year will mark our third summer hosting groups from all over the country.

This year we welcome two groups, both from California.  Our first group is coming from University Church in Malibu and will be with us June 22-28.  Our second group is coming from First Christian Church of North Hollywood and will be visiting August 3-10.  The youth pastors from each church shared a little about their churches and the youth groups that will be attending.  You can find their reflections below, along with pictures of each group.

Also for the first time at Harbor, we will have an intern for the summer helping us with Blue Theology.  Her name is Natalie Alderton and she currently attends Pepperdine University.  We are very excited to welcome her to Harbor and look forward to working with her and learning from her over the next three months.  Natalie has also written a brief introduction of herself and the reasons she chose Harbor and Blue Theology below.

As always, we appreciate the continued support from the congregation and wanted to let you know that there will be volunteer opportunities for those interested in becoming more involved over the summer.

If you’d like to join our volunteer team this summer, make sure to show up to our informational zoom meeting on Sunday, June 9 @ 6 pm. Here’s the link to join the meeting:

Feel free to add this event to your Calendar using the event link below.


Intern Intro - Natalie Alderton

Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am so excited to serve as the Blue Theology intern this summer! I was born and raised in Carlsbad, splashing around in the San Diego waves before I could even walk. I spent the past four years in Malibu, studying English and sustainability at Pepperdine University. Hence, saltwater has always been in my veins. I didn’t grow up Christian, but it was the ocean, singing of God’s glory, that drew me into a relationship with Jesus. I have always felt the most connected to God in nature, and my prayer for my life is to help others discover the same joy. The love I have for this beautiful blue globe led to my vocational passion of creation care—to mend our broken relationship with the land in partnership with God. I was thrilled to discover Harbor Christian Church’s passion for this very topic. Blue Theology is such a special program, and I can’t wait to see what the summer holds!


Malibu - June 22-June 28

This was shared from Joel Foster

Joel W. Foster (he/him)

Youth and Family Minister

UCC | Malibu

University Church is in Malibu California, on Pepperdine University’s campus. We are situated within the Santa Monica mountains and up the hill from a rich ocean ecosystem. The University Church Youth Group affirms that you are created, loved, and invited: You are created by God, and this God who created you knows you, loves you, and sees you completely for who you are. This is true now. This has always been true. This will continue to be true. This God who created you is best known through Love: Love for God, Love for others, and Love for yourself. This God who created you desires for you to cooperate and co-create alongside God, to make this world look more like one that can be labeled the Kin-dom of God.

We see our collaboration with God in the world as an active call to pursue justice and redemption. This extends to our human neighbors and non-human neighbors. The daily concern and anxiety in our students' lives about the climate crisis led us to Blue Theology. We see in the person of Jesus a life that is present with those at the margins, and this includes our planet today. 


N. Hollywood - August 3rd - 10th 

Photo from N. Hollywood and Harbor Youth Meet N Greet

This was shared from:

Taulau Tupua

Associate Pastor of Youth & Mission

First Christian Church of North Hollywood

First Christian Church of North Hollywood is on the corner of Colfax and Moorpark in Studio City. Just a few blocks away from Universal Studios. Currently, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hall serves as the Senior Pastor and Taulau Tupua serves as the Associate Pastor of Youth & Mission. The church hosts a wide variety of events and opportunities that help nurture the wider community including Human Needs, Men on the Corner, and Youth Group to name a few. This summer, the high school group from FCCNH is coming to Harbor Christian Church for Blue Theology. There are a multitude of reasons for choosing Blue Theology at Harbor but the main reason for doing so was because of the youth’s desire for making sustainable changes in Southern California. The group recently got a chance to visit Harbor for Pentecost Sunday and they are excited to venture together this summer!

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