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Pastor's Corner

2023 Lenten Recap

Moments to remember from our Lenten Season

One of the interactive Prayer Stations that surrounded the Sanctuary during Lent

We hope you enjoy revisiting a few highlights from the season of Lent.

We had such a meaningful season this year as we studied our theme of Seeking: Honest Questions for Deep Faith.

Below you will find videos from our Youth Service, Palm Sunday service including baptisms, and Easter Service also including baptisms. You'll also find a video from our Blessing of the Bikes. Lastly, enjoy the mission moment that Elaine shared with us this season that held a lot of meaning for our community.


Youth Sunday

March 23, 2023


Palm Sunday

April 2, 2023


Easter Sunday

April 9, 2023


Blessing of the Bikes

April 23, 2023


Elaine's Mission Moment

March 19, 2023

Please enjoy the video replay of Elaine Quick's thoughtful and impactful Mission Moment that many of our community requested to hear again. Please Fast Forward to time mark 22:50 - 25:50 for her 3-Min Word.
The written version has been provided below.

Elaine Quick's Mission Moment

Sunday, March 19, 2023

In the Lenten devotional this week, we talk about blindness and how

Jesus healed the blind man. It made me think that even though I have

the ability to see, sometimes I turn a blind eye to some people or

situations. Sometimes I fail to see the injustice some people are

suffering. I may try to ignore the homeless people on the street. Like

the people in Jesus’ time, I may feel there is a cause for a person’s

situation. If they would get a job, they wouldn’t be homeless. Many

times, I fail to see the real reason a person may have become homeless.

Do they have a mental health issue, is there no family support for them,

do they have a drug or alcohol problem. All I see is the homeless

person – not the person who is homeless.

Through joining this church, my eyes have been opened to many

situations that I was unaware of. I have learned about Fisher House

and how it supports the families of veterans receiving treatment at VA

hospitals. I was made aware of the deported veterans in Tijuana. I

found out about CLUE and the work it does to support underpaid

workers. These are some of the ministries that this church supports. It

makes my happy to know that my donations on Sunday go to support

these causes. You can also help support these groups by giving on line

or in person at the back of the sanctuary.

Please pray with me.

Dear Lord, help us to truly open our eyes to the

situations around us. Stop us from making assumptions about people

or problems without first finding out all the facts. Give us the ability to

do our part of alleviate pain and suffering where we are able. Bless

these gifts and the givers that they may be used to make this small part

of the world a better place. In your name we pray.



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