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Pastor's Corner

2023 Fall Season

Harbor is cozying up with a new Fall Curriculum that gets us asking questions.

Read below to learn about it and all events we have planned to ease us into the mindful and communal theme of the season.

A Sanctified Art LLC |

Harbor will walk through an 8-week study series that gets us to ask questions of ourselves and each other. Every two weeks we will sit with a different larger prompts that will allow us to explore how we can connect to each other in more meaningful and present ways.

Be sure to pick up a Study Devotional Journal from the Sanctuary! This material will be used on Sunday Gatherings, weekly group meetings and in special events over the course of the series.

A Sanctified Art LLC |


Harbor's Fall Events


All Hallows' Eve Karaoke & Slumber Party

All community welcome to join us for Halloween themed karaoke, dinner and a movie in the Sanctuary. Children & youth welcome to a sleep over - please contact Pastor Janette for any questions or more details:

Ancestor's Feast

You are invited to join us for ancestor's feast in the sanctuary November 5th at 5:00 p.m. Please bring a dish for the potluck that connects you to your ancestors in some way.

Read the whole and moving invitation below by expanding the text using the ( >) symbol.

An invitation from Elder Chair, Caroline C Kauffman

Sallims & Harbor Thanksgiving Potluck

Join us following Sunday service for a Thanksgiving Potluck with Sallims Church. Bring your favorite traditional thanksgiving potluck dish to combine with traditional Korean food for a unique and special seasonal celebration.

Visio Divina Bible Study

We hope you’ll join us after worship on October 22 and November 19 to share in a study of the art from our curriculum series, I’ve Been Meaning to Ask. We will gather in the Ackelson Room after worship and Pastor Sadie will lead us in this contemplative study. On October 22, we will look at the following art pieces which can be found in your study guide: Four Rivers of Eden by Hannah Garrity Come & See by Lauren Wright Pittman Seen by Lisle Gwynn Garrity Medical Miracle by Hannah Garrity

On November 19, we will look at the following art pieces which can be found in your study guide: Break Open by Lisle Gwynn Garrity Paul in Prison by Lauren Wright Pittman Flow of Humanity by Hannah Garrity Ever Wider by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Thanksgiving Vespers Special Service

This year, we are trying some new things! Join us tonight for a special Thanksgiving Vespers Service where you will be led by Pastor Sadie and Elder Chair, Caroline Kaufman in a creative worship experience. Come ready to experience new things. Come ready to share your love and gratitude with the community. Come ready to enjoy yourself! We will gather on November 20 @ 6-7:30 pm. We won’t have a meal, but we will have cookies and warm apple cider to share.


Community Call


Reminder to bring a photo with you for Sunday Gathering of any Saints from your life you wish to honor on All Saints' Day.


Holiday Greens Fundraiser

From Caroline C. Kaufmann

If by chance you think you would enjoy festive winter holiday greens in your home or work this December, please consider buying them through Hazel's school as a fundraiser. I'm very involved at her school and feel passionate for the pedagogy. The county recently granted our petition for a TK through 12th grade charter making us the first public Waldorf TK through 12th grade charter School in the nation!

Please use the link below to buy your winter greens. They are always fresh and beautiful and they would be delivered directly to you. Thank you so much for considering this request!


Luminary Mason Jar Call

Many of us at Harbor are used to seeing our walkway aglow with candlelight each Christmas Eve. We are asking for donated glass, transparent jars beginning now so we can truly set the mood for our special service.

Bring any jars you have available each week to the back table near the tithes and offering plate where they will be collected each week. Thank you!


Thank you for reading our 2023 Fall Newsletter!

If you were reading in the recommended order, this is the last article.

If you would like to read more about Harbor, please feel free to explore other posts on our main Blog page.



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