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Pastor's Corner

Staff Speaks

Hear about recent life updates and announcements from your Harbor Staff

Macy (on left) as accompanist for Honor Choir

Macy Whitesell

Hi Harbor! My spring was jam-packed this year. During my last month of work I directed and assisted with a total of 6 different concerts. Working with hundreds of students is exhausting but a lot of fun! It's been rewarding seeing my elementary kids build their skills and gain musical confidence. They really are awesome! Here is a picture of me and my amazing colleagues after our biggest concert this year that featured Honor students in band, strings, and choir.

I'm looking forward to a much more restful summer this year. Eric and I have plans to visit family (and meet our new niece, Aspen!), go camping, and spend lots of time outside. I got a head start last week exploring the Back Bay and enjoying the gorgeous nature we have nearby.

Looking forward to a fun summer and being in community with you all!


Eric Whitesell

Hi everyone! It's been a very busy penultimate semester for me. I'm one semester away from completing my BFA in Illustration at Cal State University Fullerton, and this semester was the most challenging so far! I've been drawing, painting, and 3D modeling a lot, and I've been really happy with the progress that I've been making.

Over the summer, Macy and I are going to be spending as much time as we can relaxing, camping, and being outdoors. I'm already enjoying the time I've had to rest, and am looking forward to everything we have planned! I'll see you all on Sundays! (Or maybe not, as I'm usually running the slideshow and Zoom from the booth upstairs.) Here's some of the art I made this semester:


Lauren Graham

Growing up, I always wanted to be a rockstar. But, betting my family wouldn't go for something like that, I asked to learn the most equivalent thing I could think of: opera. In my mind, the incredible vocal virtuosity from high-powered sopranos could match any ripping guitar solo or wail. It worked. For over 10 years, I studied, performed and worked as professional classical singer. About two years after gaining my degree, music was everything I thought it would be but the industry wasn't. I found myself taking gigs I was uninspired by just to pay rent and the false sense of competition started to do a number on my mental and emotional health, causing my voice to choke up from the stress. In 2019, I made the decision to step off that path to heal and preserve my love for music. I love what it does for my heart and soul, not my security. Over the last four years, that burnt-out passion has slowly been healed here at Harbor.

Some of you may have noticed on certain Sundays I'm behind some new instruments: drum and bass. One rehearsal, Justin brought a bass with him and I picked it up just for fun and I was reminded of that original rock star dream. Little me is so stoked. I enjoy the space to be a beginner in front of you all. It definitely reminds me of how nerve-wracking it can be to try something new in front of people. This gives me even more pride in all who come up to speak or sing and also immense respect for any of our musicians who can play and sing at the same time--many of you laughed along with me as I humbled myself attempting to play drums and sing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus," at the same time following a recent Sunday Service :P. I appreciate how supportive our community is and encourage all of us to feel safe to try new things. Are there any childhood dreams Harbor can help you realize?


Justin Wright

Hello my Harbor family! Life has had a few big changes for me recently! I am excited to announce that I have decided to leave my day job and will be joining our dear friend Tyler Deans, working alongside him at his media production startup!

I am looking forward to spending more time in the field I enjoy and love! I have also been getting back into exercising regularly and have decided to work towards attempting to complete a triathlon next spring.

Finally, with this wonderful weather we have been having, I am looking towards many beach days and summer bonfires. I am so grateful to God for the opportunities and community he has blessed me with this season. Looking forward to having a great summer with you all!


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