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Pastor's Corner

Harbor Happenings - 2023 Advent

What's been happening at Harbor?

Read here about recent events from our Fall season, community updates and more.

All Saints' Day Altar Candelabra

Community Moments


All Hallows' Eve Slumber Party

Well, we really must say that if you missed our All Hallows Eve Karaoke night, you missed out on some great entertainment!! From Princesses to Cats, and Elves to Wednesday & Enid, the costumes didn’t disappoint! There were many creative pieces that helped us all get into the playful mood! Thank you to all who came out, helped with set up, and dinner, and all who were brave enough to get up and sing! One of our outstanding performances came from our littlest one; Azalea's rendition of “Let it Go” had us all singing along with her and had Mama Teresa shedding a few tears!

We look forward to our next karaoke and slumber party night!

Here are some photos from the evening fun.


All Saints' Day Altar

It was such a joy this year to watch our All Saints’ Day Altar grow through the month of November. Our community brought in pictures and mementos of the saints of their lives. In worship, we created space for our community to light candles, and place their loved ones on the altar. We are so grateful to Heather Earnhart who spent time adorning the altar table with seasonal decor, and creating a beautiful backdrop to honor

the ones we have loved and lost. We thank our community for trusting us with these sacred items for the month of November.

We will be returning your altar offerings on Sunday, November 26 so that you can return them to your home and your own sacred altar space.


Ancestors' Feast

This year we did a new thing! And it was utterly beautiful!!! On the evening of November 5, we gathered with many from our community to share food and stories and songs. We ate together, we laughed as we told funny and endearing and raucous stories of our ancestors. We remembered that we are connected to the past and the future and we gave thanks. We offer a huge thanks to Caroline Kaufman who dreamed and organized this event. There have been so many people who have expressed just how much it meant to them to have a space to share food, stories, and songs with one another and we will look forward to Ancestor’s Feast each year!

Also, thank you to Lauren Graham for leading us in a beautiful and meaningful song called “Savage Daughter.” You can listen to it here.


Sallims & Harbor Thanksgiving Potluck

Searcey Hall was filled to the brim with joyful sounds and delicious smells on November 12 as we gathered for a thanksgiving Feast with Sallims Christian Church. Harbor brought turkey, potatoes, and other traditional American holiday foods while Sallims brought AMAZING BBQ pork, kimchi, rice and other traditional Korean foods to share. We laughed, ate and imagined a beautiful future together. Thank you so much to our friends at Sallims Christian Church for your friendship and partnership. We look forward to many more feasts and shared experiences!

Check out a quick recap video below of the event.

Children & Youth Moments

High School Youth Group -

Our High School Youth Group started this past Fall. The space set for conversations and connection has been meaningful for our older youth as they reflect together on their role in our world.

High School Youth Group meets Sundays, 12-2pm. Every week, except 4th Sundays. Talk to Pastor Janette for more information.


A Monster Calls - Fullerton Auditorium

Harbor is blessed to have so many members active in the fine arts. We always look forward to supporting our artists in their various productions and events. On November 4th, Pastor Janette and Minister of Arts Lauren accompanied a group of our youth to support Molly Cooper in an incredible run of a play A Monster Calls in Fullerton.

The drama walked through some heavy themes surrounding grief, interweaving fable story-telling style and fantasy to help a young boy release his fears. All of us walked away moved and deeply impressed with the quality story-telling. Great job Molly to you and the whole cast!

We were able to go on stage and get a photo. Can you tell who is Molly out of the three characters below? We hardly recognized her!


Campus Updates


Sanctuary Additions - Blackout Blinds

For those who have made it to the end of this post - we have a special treat! A community Angel (aka Elaine Quick) overheard plans for Advent Festival to have a ceiling full of stars. To help make this a reality, she donated motorized blackout blinds to help with the effect. Thank you so much for this incredible gift.

Here is a video below where we captured the first time reaction from this last week's rehearsal. Have you RSVP'd to Advent Festival yet? We hope this gets you as excited as it's made us!

Thank you for reading!

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